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Territory Manager

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Harrisburg, PA 17025

IOM Technologist (Intraoperative Neuromonitoring)




Territory Manager is responsible for clinical oversight of all technicians in their specified territory, general maintenance of hospital credentialing, hospital contracting, surgeon satisfaction as well as case coverage on an as-needed basis. All duties of an Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Technologist also fall under the duties of a Territory Manager. See “Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Technologist” job description for full details.


Business Development

  • Research your territory and learn who the surgeons are that would use IOM, where are their offices, what facilities do they work at, do they use IOM currently
  • Identify new surgeons moving to the territory and start cold calling ASAP
  • Pay close attention to surgeons on the board when you are covering cases and start identifying new business to acquire at facilities in which we already have an established hospital contract in place
  • Contact new surgeons and their office and request introductory meetings
  • Make an introduction to MDMS upon customer request

Case Coverage

  • Ensure that all cases are covered no matter what
  • Create and maintain an on-call rotation for your territory
  • See full details in Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring Job Description
  • Take the opportunity to provide breaks to techs on long days which is also an opportunity to scope out the OR scheduling board and bump into surgeons
  • Manage On-Call Schedule
  • Know all Techs and Neurologists credentialed at each of your hospitals, organize and communicate this information clearly


  • Enter cases into USMON and or Verify that cases entered have been entered correctly
  • Ensure proper documentation has been uploaded for each case at the time of scheduling; need to collect Surgeon Rx form and completed face sheet from offices (face sheet needs to have insurance information included)
  • Confirm next week’s schedule with offices
  • Assign technologists and neurologists to cases depending upon their hospital privileges

Relationship Development

  • Focus on developing productive relationships with Surgeons, their offices, OR Staff, and Hospital admin. You are the face of our company in your territory
  • Clear and consistent communication with the above-mentioned people
  • Occasional surgeon follow up’s to provide an opportunity to communicate needs or concerns


  • Ensure all cases within your territory are audited within two weeks of case completion
  • Perform case audits on completed cases in your territory weekly
  • Train another tech to perform audits alongside you to help stay on top of these
  • Ensure hospital POR’s are being submitted by techs at the end of each case


  • Communicate frequently with credentialing coordinator the needs of the territory as you grow and add new facilities
  • Be available to assist credentialing coordinator in any way to ensure timely credentialing of techs and neurologists at new facilities
  • Ensure credential readers and technicians are being assigned at respective hospitals

Hospital Contracting

  • Communicate frequently with the director of contracting new contracts needing to be established at new facilities.
  • Perform weekly follow up’s on hospital contract status with the director of contracting
  • Ensure new contracts are entered into USMon and that techs are informed to submit those POR’s at the end of surgery


  • Make sure techs are placing supply orders and placing them correctly
  • Monitor supplies used and order and that supplies aren’t being wasted

Hospital Payments

  • Keep in touch with the internal AP department and offer assistance with hospitals that are withholding payments

Quality Assurance Management

  • Territory Manager will oversee the company-wide quality assurance processes to include the creation of process, implementation of the process, and follow through to completion on a weekly and quarterly basis.
  • Territory Manager will ensure quality assurance processes are followed and standards are met.
  • The territory Manager will oversee the training and additional employee as needed to ensure standards.


  1. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy, pathologic processes and aseptic techniques.
  2. Knowledge of procedures followed in conducting electrophysiological tests and examinations on patients.
  3. Knowledge of electrophysiological equipment used in performing tests on patients.
  4. Ability to analyze various electronic and neurophysiologic waveforms.
  5. Interpersonal communication skills necessary to interact with medical staff, patients, visitors, and other hospital employees.
  6. Ability to stand, turn and stoop among several types of equipment in an operating room suite.
  7. Ability to apply different types of electrodes to a patient’s anatomy with precision and speed in preparation of monitoring a surgical procedure.
  8. Ability to sit for extended periods of time, while concentrating on monitoring computer screen images during a surgical procedure.
  9. Ability to oversee territory clinical processes and ensure efficiency and consistency with company protocols and standards.


  1. Possible exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials with little likelihood of harm if established health precautions are followed.
  2. The use of protective clothing such as surgical clothing, gloves, glasses, and masks (PPE).
  3. Work requires lifting supplies, pushing, or carrying bulky pieces of equipment.
  4. Occasional/frequent travel by motor vehicle and/or air transportation to healthcare facilities located in both urban and rural areas.
  5. Variable work schedules that may change from week to week, depending on caseload, surgeon’s availability, creating situations that may require minimal notice to be available for a case.
  6. Will require cell phone availability for scheduled “on-call time” during weekends to cover add-on, elective, or emergency cases.
  7. Usually working independently of other Technologists.
  8. Physical demands would include lifting and transporting 40-45lbs of monitoring equipment to each facility utilizing proper lifting techniques.


  1. CNIM required
  2. Minimum of 2 years as an employee (at the discretion of management). 
  3. Must hold a valid driver’s license.
  4. Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or higher (i.e. Masters, Ph.D., MD).
  5. Must have current AHA CPR certification.