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Assistant Territory Manager

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Houston, TX 77002

Physician Assistant



Assistant Territory Manager is responsible for assisting the territory manager in clinical oversight of all PA’s in their specified territory, general maintenance of hospital credentialing, managing case assignments, surgeon satisfaction, as well as case coverage on an as-needed basis. All duties of a Physician Assistant also fall under the duties of an Assistant Territory Manager. See “Physician Assistant” job description for full details. 


1. Business Development

• Establish strong relationships with all hospital personnel, instrument representatives, and surgical staff. Utilize relationships to increase awareness of potential surgeon clients and assist needs. 

• Encourage team members who show interest in business development. Assist in following up with any leads submitted by team members under the direction of the territory manager. 

• Assist in smooth onboarding of new surgeons whether in clinical or business model. Assist territory manager in obtaining PCC information, assuring credentials for surgical assistance, orienting surgeon schedulers, providing billing information, and personally introducing yourself to the new surgeon. 

• Analyze surgical specialty experience amongst team members, identify potential specialty areas of growth, assist the manager to develop a plan to cross-train and/or expand in other specialties. 

2. Case Coverage

• Exhaust all options before canceling cases. Communicate with the territory manager and document accurate explanation for canceling of cases. Communicate cancelations with the operations team.

• Assist territory manager in case assignments. Demonstrate knowledge of surgeon preferences, credentialing restrictions, surgical skill, and working hours distributions. 

• Ensure that case assignees are confirming their cases the day prior.

• See full details in Physician Assistant Job Description.

• Take the opportunity to aid other PAs on long days (providing breaks/swap out assist).

• Check preference cards and ensure that they are being updated at least once every six (6) months.

• Provide preference cards surgeon feedback and aid in the updating/betterment of such.

• Assist manager in developing territory-specific cross-training plans to ensure better coverage of cases across specialties as well as improve team member versatility. 

3. Scheduling

• Keep an up-to-date scheduler contact list for your territory and initiate any necessary changes to auto-confirmation emails (new surgeons to add, changes to scheduler contacts, etc.).

• Connect with office schedulers as directed by the territory manager to assist in any scheduling needs or billing questions.

• Identify any scheduler errors and report them to the territory manager. 

4. Relationship Development

• Develop productive relationships with surgeons, their offices, the OR Staff, and Hospital Administration. You are the face of our company in your territory.

• Clear and consistent communication with the above-mentioned people.

• Assist manager with occasional surgeon follow-ups up needs, preferences, or any concerns.

5. Auditing

• Assist in training new hires on proper documentation for operative notes. Audit first few notes completed by new hire at the direction of the territory manager.

• Assist manager in addressing any concerns/issues reported by the Auditor/QA team.

• Confirm that all cases in the territory are closed out within 24 hours of the end of the surgery.

6. Credentialing

• Assist territory manager in completing all territory credentialing action items promptly. 

• Assist territory manager in speaking with surgeons for approval of sponsorship before submission of credentialing requests. 

• Expedite urgent credentialing needs as determined by case coverage under the direction of the territory manager. 

• Communicate credentialing status with team members when they are assigned to new facilities. 

7. Quality Assurance Management

• Attend quarterly territory meetings and assist the manager in leading discussions as directed.

• Discuss territory-specific goals with the territory manager and assist in developing a plan to accomplish goals. 

• Assist territory manager in conducting new surgeon follow up. Ensure the company’s quality standards are being held across the territory.

• Ensure that team is complying with quality standards, SOPs, and coach as necessary. 

• Communicate with employees positive and negative feedback given by surgeon/OR staff/other employees. Work with the employee to make improvements as necessary as directed by the territory manager.

• Assist territory manager in conducting annual reviews on each team member.

• Assist territory manager in conducting a 3-month probationary review on new hires. 

• Report any clinical staff issues or operative adverse events to the territory manager.

• Assist with additional projects. 


8. Personnel Management

• Assist territory manager in leading quarterly territory meeting with all PA/FA/NPS to give company updates, discuss ongoing projects, discuss the working relationship with surgeons, and give the opportunity on feedback/concerns. 

• Coordinate with IOM territory manager for annual teambuilding between neuromonitoring techs in the territory as well as all the PA/FA/NPs to improve team dynamics, company cohesiveness, and potential relationship/networking. 

• Designate PAs for various company projects as needed and monitor progress

• Routinely keep an open line of communication with all team members ensuring job satisfaction as best as possible, identifying team member strengths and potential for advancement in role/responsibilities

• Inspire enthusiasm for team and territory growth, encouraging members to recruit new surgeons and be involved in growth.